Board Membership

A Board Membership is for individuals who shall make decisions and set strategic goals to ensure that the corporation’s charitable purpose is adhered to and that charitable assets are properly allocated. These members shall enhance the organization’s public standing.

Here are some of the duties:

  • Shall attend the Annual Meeting
  • Shall attend Status Update Meetings
  • Shall attend Special Meetings
  • Shall vote on amendments to Bylaws.
  • Shall vote on nominated officers.
  • Shall examine the annual report.
  • Shall seek improving the budget plan.
  • Shall help promote the mission.
  • Shall ensure fundraising compliance
  • Shall ensure that the organization complies with the applicable federal, state, and local laws

CLICK HERE to read the Membership Policy.

To apply for the Board Membership click on the button below and then, complete the application. Your application will be reviewed and a decision for an interview may take up to ten working days.

Returning Directors use the button below to continue membership.