Community Membership

A Community Membership embraces the daily activities of business management of EOFAA. It is important that applicants for this membership completely understand our mission and know how to incorporate themselves by using the controlling rule of the Bylaws.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • May work as a staff member.
  • Shall be placed in a pool to fill a staff position.
  • May be promoted to the Nominating Committee.
  • May be promoted to an Officer.
  • Shall attend Meetings of the Members.
  • May cast votes at a Meetings of the Members.
  • May submit a proposal of an amendment to the Bylaws.
  • Shall receive updates on our mission work.
  • Shall receive a quarterly newsletter.
  • Shall receive an annual report.
  • May receive a Free T-Shirt according to Membership Policy.

CLICK HERE to read the Membership Policy.

To apply for the Community Membership click on the button below with the amount and term you would like for membership. Then complete the application.