Type of Memberships

EOFAA offers four types of membership for individuals who would like to join us in carrying out our mission. For more information, select one of the memberships that interest you. From there, you can apply by completing an application.

Supportive Membership

The Supportive membership is for patrons believing in the purpose of this nonprofit organization. EOFAA understands that everyone cannot be involved in the daily routine of carrying out its mission, but one may wish to be affiliated with the organization otherwise. The Supportive Membership honors those with such expectation.

Community Membership

The community membership is the most diverse membership in our organization. The community membership consists of staff members and the pool of individuals who will fill a staff position when an opening occurs. Community membership time is counted towards the required time needed to be elevated to the Voting Membership.

Voting Membership

The Voting membership is for existing members of EOFAA who are elevated to the Nominating Committee. This membership requires an officer status or a length of time for eligibility. Only apply for this membership if you were instructed to do so by the president of EOFAA.

Board Membership

This membership is for those who desire to be a Director of the Board of Directors. All applicants must complete a process that includes submission of an application, an interview and subsequent election to a Board of Director position with EOFAA.