Our Story

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read a little bit to learn a lot about our charitable organization.

At Equal Opportunity For All Americans, we focus on ensuring fellow citizens are aware of strategic measures, government programs, economic and social systems that can provide them a quality livelihood.

Various events in 2020 and 2021 led our founder, Bruce Washington, and two long-time friends, to seek to provide American citizens with knowledge that would improve their way of life, as well as strengthen their communities.

Mr. Washington’s voice generated the vision of a charitable organization to benefit all citizens of the United States. This was the expressed thought he had after witnessing unfair and unnecessary actions against citizens of this country. It is his passion to get involved and assist fellow citizens throughout the country to maximize their participation in community processes and to achieve their personal potential.

From that inspiring idea, Equal Opportunity For All Americans was incorporated by three minority business owners in the State of Michigan on February 26, 2021. Our ambition is to become a widely diverse organization of individuals sharing thoughts and ideas that would satisfy our mission and bring a sense of togetherness among all the people in this nation.

We are avid for individuals who do not know the benefits of taking part in events such as voting, protesting, census. In addition, we will work towards seeing the Constitution of the U.S. becoming a required humanity elective in the school systems throughout the U.S.

Moving forward, we will bring forth more exciting news and a reason for you to embrace our organization. Stay informed with everything we do by signing up for a quarterly newsletter.