Ready to Volunteer?

EOFAA continuously welcomes all energetic volunteers who willingly can give their time to support our mission and strategic objectives, and  can add great value to what our organization does.

Volunteers may help with fundraising, leaflet distribution, administrative tasks, operations, reaching more beneficiaries and spreading the word about the mission of the organization. Although volunteers tend to perform such duties out of the care and concern they have for the goals set forth by EOFAA, by volunteering, people can give something of themselves and make a valuable contribution to the community, while perhaps boosting social and professional skills in a working environment. It’s a chance to meet new people, build relationships and even work in a field you have never explored. It is also a chance to make a real difference in your community. When volunteering, it is always a chance to help raise awareness within your local area and beyond.

At EOFAA, we understand that being a volunteer is not always easy, and there are reasons a potential volunteer can become discouraged. That is why we do all we can to help our volunteers settle in, feel comfortable and do things they are enjoying. When volunteering, you become part of EOFAA. We ask that you represent us during our events by wearing an EOFAA t-shirt and cap that we provide. Whether you’re at an event, or distributing leaflets, we cover the costs of your lunch. Not only do you get a lunchtime that is covered by us, we also give you breaks throughout the day, as we understand working long hours are not beneficial to you or us. Throughout the year, we will publicly acknowledge our volunteers. The main benefit of working for EOFAA is being part of a great organization and a great cause. Everyone at EOFAA has the sole aim of serving our fellow Americans. Our commitment is to make your volunteering experience with us as easy as possible.

Take The First Step!

Becoming a volunteer for EOFAA is very simple. The quickest way is by clicking the button below and completing the form with your details. We will get back to you shortly with more information.  We look forward to hearing from you soon, for you can make a real difference in your community.